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#InternationalBookChapter The Conceptual Dynamic Model of Rural Development Towards Sustainable Self-Sufficiency2 min read

July 13, 2020 2 min read


#InternationalBookChapter The Conceptual Dynamic Model of Rural Development Towards Sustainable Self-Sufficiency2 min read

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The inability of rural areas to accommodate inhabitants’ aspirations and the dynamics of life among young people led to youth migration towards urban areas. This phenomenon causes villages to experience a shortage of labour. Development agents for an innovative and productive life in agricultural development are lost. Making the village attractive for youth requires a comprehensive rural development strategy in all aspects, including economic, social, and technical skill issues. This study built a conceptual model based on the causation relationship within a causal loop diagram of several relevant aspects, such as economic, social, and skill development facets in achieving sustainable rural area development. We draw the relationships and interaction among relevant variables in the system from in-depth interviews, focus group discussion (FGD), surveys, and the use of secondary data. The location is concerned with rural rice-producing villages in Central Java, which have been experiencing a youth-labour shortage. Alternative strategies were identified based on the conceptual model, such as (1) the development of modern rice agriculture to secure job availability, which can nurture juvenile farmers. Income security and flawless production activities for farmers to guarantee remuneration adequacy become the second priority. The third strategy improves the role of educational institutions in providing knowledge and developing skills for students in the agricultural-based village and rural development. Lastly, infrastructure building is vital to open up access to economic activities, reduce the cost of production, and foster the trading schemes capable of creating innovative young farmers, and a plethora of jobs.

Author: Athor Subroto (University of Indonesia) and Vanda Ningrum (Research Center for Population LIPI)

This chapter published in Enabling Collaborative Governance through Systems Modeling Methods (Springer International Publishing).

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