Another option for future staying preferences of the youth migrants is moving to new areas. As explained in the earlier section, about a third of the respondents in this study aspires to stay in different regions in the next five years. About a half of those in this group choose to move into areas that offer urban amenities. The choices to live in such regions in which they never studied nor lived in due to the desire to experience living in a new environment. Besides that, the migrants also mention city facilities and urban lifestyle as their primary reasons to choose particular big cities in Indonesia, such as Jakarta, Bandung, Surabaya, and Denpasar. A small portion of them also suggests cities abroad as their preferences for future residential. As argued by McKenzie (2009), some graduate migrants attracted to the lifestyle that offered by the major cities or metropolitan areas. Similarly, King, Lulle, Conti, Muller, & Scotto (2014) suggest that the attractions of big cities are not only on their working opportunities, but also on their lifestyle and cosmopolitan atmosphere.

Interestingly, regarding their educational backgrounds, many of them are studying in art and graphic design, information technology, as well as tourism and hospitality. Correspondingly, Ball (2015) finds that the graduate migrants that move to the big cities are most likely those who worked in professional and managerial jobs as well as in science and technology fields, finance industry and arts. Also, Sweeney Research (2009) suggests that many graduates believe it is an obligation to work in the big city although they feel more convenient to live in the countryside. The migrants argue that the work experience in the big city will get a higher appreciation in their career development.

By Meirina Ayumi Malamassam, Research Center for Population

*) Full version available at Jurnal Kependudukan Indonesia Vol. 12 No. 2 Desember 2017 145-154 : FUTURE STAYING PREFERENCES OF YOUTH MIGRANTS: CASE OF SLEMAN DISTRICT, SPECIAL REGION OF YOGYAKARTA


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